Bank Holiday’s March 2021: Banks will be closed for 11 days in March, check complete list here


The month of March is the festival of Shivaratri and Holi. With this, banks can be closed for up to 4 days simultaneously, not one or two. Banks will be closed for 11 days in March 2021, see the list beforehand and do this important work, on what days in March will the banks be closed, see the complete list.

Bank Holiday's March 2021

Let us tell you that the month of March is very important for all the work related to finance. All the companies and industrialists from the bank collect all the accounts of the whole year in this month. The role of the bank is also important in this. In such a situation, one day remains very important. This time (MahaShivratri) from Mahashivratri to Holi festival is in the month of March. Due to this, Bank Holiday’s bank holiday has become more. Banks will remain closed for 11 days in the month of March according to festivals and weekly holidays. You tell me on which days the banks will remain closed.

According to information available on the RBI website, 11 holidays have been scheduled for banks in different states of the country in the month of March. For which days, the bank will be closed, see the list:

March 5 – All banks in Aizawl will remain closed due to arcade

March 7 – Sunday Holiday

March 11 – MahaShivratri holiday

March 13 – Second Saturday

March 14 – Sunday Holiday

March 15 – Some bank unions have announced a strike. In such a situation, banks may remain closed.

March 21 – Sunday Holiday

March 22 – Due to Bihar Diwas, all banks in this state will remain closed.

March 27 – Forth Saturday Holiday

March 28 – Sunday Holiday

March 29 – Holi Festival

Note: These 11 holidays also include holidays in different states. Other information related to this will be found on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) website.

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